24 November 2006


As you may know the world is in a unique and delicate state at the moment. There are wars on terror going on over seas, the president's administration are dropping like flies, facilitated and natural disasters are all around, and citizens of the world are starting to re-read the Book of Revalations and make sure they are ready for whatever awaits. However something even more terrifiying than the Book of Revalations is right around the corner, and we are less than two months from the zero hour. The Genesis Reunion Tour 2007.

Introducing, in the time the world needs it most, two strong opinions of individuals reigning from Atlanta, GA, They Took a Vote and Said No. Phil Collins may be an unnstoppable force, but at least we can take him down bit by bit by discussing and reviewing new (and some old) music, movies, books, and indie/pop culture. So welcome, dust off your feet, get a bowl of porridge, and enjoy your stay. Stay all day...if you want to.