09 April 2007

Atlas Strategic

Ever held your breath for 4 months? I don't recommend it, i just did for far too long and just when my face started to turn blue i let go of that stale air. Its time to get back, and represent what deserves a gold star.

And for something noteworthy, take a look at this new video by Handsome Furs. Handsome Furs is yet ANOTHER side project from our wonderful boys up north, Wolf Parade. It consists of Guitarist, Vocalist Dan Boeckner and his fiancee Alexei Perry. They do quite the stunning job in the video for "Dumb Animals", the single to their debut album Plague Park due out May 22nd. The song is growing on me, but the video has me completely captivated. Give it a shot and tell me this isnt menacing and beautiful, especially Alexei in the end...

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