17 April 2007

Seven Seas

Merge Records has been busy lately. After releasing the epic, Neon Bible, from Arcade Fire, and signing Caribou for their next records they now move towards the swedes. The Shout Out Louds have just signed to Merge to release their second LP, Our Ill Wills (Can't help but think of the Beastie Boys). One fact that makes this release extra exciting is that it was Produced by fellow swede, Bjorn Yttling, of Peter, Bjorn, and John. The first single "Tonight I Have To Leave It" already reflects a little PB and J touch with the awesome and precise precussion. Something about this song reminds me of Ocean Rain period Echo and the Bunnymen, i think its the epic keyboard part. Anyways its a delightful song, and if the album follows the singles lead, then it will be a big step up from their last. Ch-Check it out.....

One more thing you should check out is local Atlanta artist, Hvatsun, also known as Allen Taylor. His unique style catches many eyes overflowing with simple water color brush strokes like the flow of ones dreams. He is even doing the next Chainestereo poster for the show coming up at Teahouse, so look out for those. Check him out the link is on my side bar under "Fellow Chairmen".

Lastly the Chainestereo EP has sold out again at Criminal Records so this makes me happy, and even more busy.

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